Embouchure angles [was: Christmas present]

At 03:29 PM 12/28/2003 EST, Roscoharp@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Hey list,     I  have very little knowledge of good tongue block 
>embouchure, but I'm pretty sure most 'pucker' players do tilt the 
>harp about 45 degrees to get a good seal & sound. I do.  later, Rosco

Yup.  Me too, [but maybe not quite that much nor all the time.]  But I do
note that Rainbow Jimmy was referring to his tongue-blocking embouchure, and
when I think of those I know who TB a lot more than pucker, they do seem to
hold the harp flatter.  I think I do, too, when I switch to TB for octaves,
chords, tongue-slaps and such.  At times I find I'll even tilt the harp
sideways [higher notes literally higher], but nothing quite so drastic as
I've seen Michael Peloquin do sometimes!  :)  Generally, I suppose the harp
angle may sometimes change around a lot of ways as I play in trying to find
the best embouchure match for the sound I'm trying to create.

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>...there was a harp tip of the day. The tip-keep the harp straight-not 
>tilted up. It affects your intonation. I knew I had a problem with my 
>intonation. Sure enough, when tongue blocking I was getting sloppy and 
>tilting the harp. Intonation sounds much better now. Good tone doesn't 
>help if you're out of key.

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