I have seen quite a few postings about this thing.  I have a Suzuki 
Promaster that I bought when they first came out.  The claim was very 
similar to the XB40.  The harp is valved such that blow bends are very easy 
to do on all holes. Question is, what is the difference, if any, between 
these two harps?

My only comment on the Suzuki is that I think the responsiveness of the 
reeds is clunky.  What I mean by that is that on a draw or blow, there is a 
miniscule delay that I don't like.  I probably could have gotten used to it, 
but didn't have the patience.  I still have this thing but rarely use it.  
It did cost about $60 when I bought it (about 10 years or so ago), if my 
memory serves me correctly.

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