Got an XB40 for the holidays;  I have a lady who won't take "we ain't got no
stinkin' XB40s" for an answer.
It's thicker than I thought, and harder to hold in my mouth.
I'm finding out that precision is the key with this instrument.
My immediate reaction was to like it because it plays a little like a
chromatic in terms of blowing a little harder to get slurs and scoops.  But
also to not like it because it's just harder to play because it is thicker.
I'm sure with more time spent with it I'll feel more comfortable with it.  I
feel about it the way I felt the first time I played a 7 string guitar or 5
string bass:  it's different, and not entirely comfortable, but I can sure
see the possibilities.

Rik Williger

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