Martin Scorsese pPresents the Blues CDs

Just got a copy of Martin Scorsese's blues compilation CD at work. There's 4 
CDs.I'd recommend it to all harp players even though there isn't much harp on 
it.There's so many cool riffs to cop-Louis Armstrong's Savoy Blues-there's 
kazoo riffs, trumpets, vocals galore, fiddles, guitars all playing riffs easily 
translatable to the harp. I really want to learn some of the horn riffs and the 
slide guitar riffs. 

As I said, there's not much harp but all the harp is great. Sonny Boy 
Williamson I's version of Good Morning Little School Girl is some of the best 
harp playing ever and Will Shades harp playing with the Memphis Jug Band is 
just superb.Jazz Gillum with Big Bill Broonsy in great.

All in all, a great collection.

Rainbow Jimmy

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