green bullet problem

Hi Tim ,
so what is the element inside ??? For the new ones ther is a dynamik element=
inside, but perhaps you was putting a controlled reluctance or magnetik insi=
. Is the element realy the same as before???
If it is the dynamik one there is a NF Transformer at the backside of=20
element. You will see three coulers Are all pins=A0 fixed??? If it is a CR c=
heck also=20
the impedance ( for all elements used with an Tubeamp you need more than 1 K=
only by an ohmmeter ( this is not the impedance af the element, it=B4s only=20=
resist of the transformer. The impedance is the Transformer resist and the=20
induktiv resist of the element ) look if he was putting an normal resistor a=
t the=20
element( thats shit at all and you can do this, to cut high frequences if yo=
dont like them, but it has to be parallel to the Ground and the hot ) So if=20
you send me photos of the element i can=A0 perhaps help you better.
Bye Ralf
Ps if you live in Amerika Dave Kott is the  first Adresse ( new york ).for=20
GR. Bullets.but i dont know if he do repairs for dynamik elements.

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