Re: green bullet problem

Tim Q wrote:
"I have a reissue green bullet that kept cutting out on me.  I brought it to 
a local electronics guy who 'fixed' it so it doesn't cut out anymore. The 
problem is now it doesn't have any warmth, pep, guts.  It's wimpy sounding 
as can be ..."


I can't help you on the techy stuff (can't imagine what the guy did to it). 
I'd recommend sending it off to a good harp mic repair guy. Scan the Harp-L 
archives and do a search on google. Over the years, I've dealt with a bunch 
and would recommend any of them: Tom Ellis, Tim Norris, Dennis Oellig, Tim 
Northcutt, and Dave Kott (I'm sure there are other good ones too). In 
addition to putting the mojo back in the mic, ask your tech of choice to 
replace the "permanently" affixed cord -- the source of your original 
problem -- with a JT-30-style screw-on connector. Let us know how it turns 
out. Good luck.

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