RE: Mic help - thanks!

Thanks to all of you who offered advice (or service) for my Astatic
connector problem, and for my earlier questions regarding CM, CR, and
Crystal elements.

Based on the info I got, I have since acquired a couple of new mics -
1 CM and 1 Ceramic!

And, contrary to what I expected, I was able to find a female
connector for my "Packard" Astatic DN-50 (an old dynamic Ham mic).
And ~bonus~ the connector is attached to an ON/OFF switch!

You can see the connector/switch and the mics at: (sorry for the

I also installed a NEW astatic (127) Ceramic element in the "Packard",
and A/B/C'd my three mics with my Fender ProJr amp.
(the amp's a stock Blue Frame, tweed, with a 12AU7 pre-amp tube)

Here are the results of my ABC test:
Ceramic: least hot, nice tone, a little more "sparkly". I'm looking
forward to trying it in a real "playing environment".
It's still too hot to run my amp volume much above 7, so it's not a
"weak" mic - it's just not beastly hot.

520DX Dynamic: Hotter, goes from "cool" to "hot", depending on it's
volume setting & my cupping technique.
This is the hottest dynamic(of 4) that I own. I run my amp volume
between 6-7 with this mic (a ProJr goes to 12) flat out.

450 CM: WAY HOT - very dark, very hot, distorted tone. With no volume
control, this is just a BEAST of a mic. I run the amp volume about 5-6
(or maybe less) with this mic! I can't say enough about how impressed
I am by the raw - um, guts - of this mic. It's like a good harp mic on
Nitrous Oxide!

Anyway, thanks for the help, y'all!
- -Scorcher

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