Re: Rob P

I posted this in August.  Got it (again) 
today.  Talk about snail mail.  I guess
the computers are taking over.


Rich K

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> Had a chance to see Rob Paparozzi and the
> Hudson River Rats (my wife calls them the
> "rugrat" group - not a dis, she liked them a
> lot) at Trumpets last night.  Good group and
> Rob does a great job (second time I've seen
> him there).  Good appreciative crowd too.
> I was impressed again at the many techniques
> he effortlessly weaves into his playing in a 
> very musical way, ie. technique as a way to
> play better music, not gimmicks for their own
> sake.  
> There's been some talk here lately about Sonny
> Terry's whooping and how to do it - Rob knows -
> he did some last night - very cool.
> Good stuff.
> Rich K

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