It was time to look for a new mic cable after my old one finally been stepped 
on once to often.

I found a really cool cable at Guitar Center yesterday. It called "The 
Circuit Breaker" and is marketed by Planet Waves. It has gold plated plugs. It also 
has compression springs in the plug so it will stay attached to your   harp 

The 15 foot cord is designed for guitarists who switch guitars on stage. The 
cord has a circuit breaker built in that cuts off the signal path so there is 
no hum when they pull the cord out and insert it in a new guitar.

It works great for harp players as well that use 1/4 inch guitar cables. You 
can press the breaker on the plug at the mic end and use it as an on/off 
switch or use it to cut the mic off during break if your amp doesn't have a standby 
switch. No more feedback when you lay the mic on the amp.

I tested it with my Gibson GA-5.   While there is a slight noticeable click 
when the signal is broken there is no noise when you turn the mic back on.   
It's a high quality cord. I think I paid $32 for mine.

Michael "Fathead" Easton
Chromatic and diatonic repair and restoration @

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