Re: Major pentatonic scale

rainbowjimmy@xxxx wrote:
> I can get the major pentatonic scale pretty easily playing a 
> modified 2nd position that's more like 5th position. Has anyone 
> got any experience playing Allman Brothers and that type of music 
> on the Lee Oskar Melody Maker? I thought it might make for a 
> different color-hitting the 2nd without bending.

I play the Paddy Richter tuning pretty routinely, I prefer it to the 
standard Richter tuning because I frequently find the need to hold on 
that 2nd note (the A in the G scale on a C harp in 2nd position), or 
to move back and forth between the A and the B.  I prefer this to the 
melody maker because I don't stumble over that major 7th (the F#) in 
my improv work.  I am getting better about remembering the overblow 
for the F# when I need it in the melody.  Right now I'm carrying a C 
melody maker and a C paddy richter for the stuff I'm practicing.  I 
suppose I'm playing myxolidian mode, rather than major pentatonic 
(though the latter is the same as the former with a couple of notes 
dropped out of the scale).

- -tim

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