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Subject: Major pentatonic scale

> I can get the major pentatonic scale pretty easily playing a modified 2nd
> position that's more like 5th position. Has anyone got any experience
> Allman Brothers and that type of music on the Lee Oskar Melody Maker? I
> it might make for a different color-hitting the 2nd without bending.

I haven't used a Melody Maker, but if you want to use a regular diatonic
without having to bend to get the 2nd degree, just play it in the top octave
of the harp.

Here is the scale for both octaves:

Bottom:  2D 3D (bent down a whole step) 3D 4D 5B 6B

Top:  6B 6D 7D 8D 8B 9B

That top scale can be played ridiculously fast if you work on it.

Speaking of Lee Oskar, he played a lot of Major Pentatonic stuff with War.

Have fun.

Alec Drachman

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