Re: dedication and sacrifice

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> On Wed, 17 Dec 2003 17:59:00 -0600,
> rainbowjimmy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >How many of us are willing to make those sacrifices
> and show that much 
> >dedication?
> Lots of folks do - they just don't make that kind of
> commitment to music. They make it instead to be
> great parents, successful businessmen, or (as
> happens to 
> offten) simply dedicate their life to taking the
> path of least resistance.
Last night I was involved in a program I had planned
for church and I played 2 songs.  One went very well
and the second was a disaster.  I was embarrassed and
know that more practice would have helped. 
I do think that music for me is a tool to be a better
person and parent, as well as a pleasure in numerous
ways.  I am a truly amatuer in skills but really am
dedicated to music in many ways.  

I like the sharing that this thread has inspired.  And
welcome back in to Chris M. Who now lives 10 miles
from me.


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