Re: dedication and sacrifice

Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 13:11:06 -0500
From: Samuel Gravina <sgravina@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: dedication and sacrifice

> How many of us are willing to make those sacrifices and
> show that much dedication?

But, the harmonica is just a toy.  Why would anybody devote so much to it?
But then again the piano is a toy too.  My own guess is you would have to
really be nuts.  If you are nuts and talented too then in the process you
will probably entertain a lot of people.  Maybe even build a decent career.

I can guarantee you that if I put that much sacrifice into my playing nobody
would care since I would still be mediocre, I'd be better for sure but
mediocre none-the-less.


An observation:-
  When Rodrigo Eberienos attended a harmonica convention in USA, a number of
key members had a lot of great things to say on this group about his playing
and his progress over a single year - he's only just in his 20s now.  I've
had the pleasure of exchanging a few brief emails with him offlist and know
he has a respectable music collection which he spends a lot of time
listening to and practising with.
   He is a member of Harp-L, I've seen his name pop up on Slidemeister and
on Harp On! email groups too.
  I've seen him post maybe one, perhaps two emails to any of those groups in
all the time I've been aware of his membership.  I also notice he hasn't
participated in this thread...
  I think this is a very good example for him to lead by.  :o)

 sardonically yours

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