Re: bassman 100 for harp

I used a Fender Bassman 100 amp exclusively for several years (at least 5) of 
blues band giging... I have been told there is no similarity in terms of the 
amp circuitry or the sound compared with the better known Bassman 4x10 combo.
I used to (and still sometimes) use my Bassman 100 with two 2x12 cabs. I 
liked it, it is very loud, and the sound suits my tone, but quite honestly, I have 
come to the conclusion it is really a bit too powerful for amplified harp... 
Because it is a very powerful amp, one cannot crank it up enough to get a nice 
creamy distortion without feedback. Perhaps with a suitable valve (tube) swap 
it might be "The Holy Grail" of amps?
These days I mostly use a Fender Blues Deluxe, a 1 x 12" combo, which I find 
plenty loud enough, and if it isn't I mic it up, or run a lead straight into 
the PA system. I run the stock tubes.  I switched to this combo amp because I 
found it difficult, at the small pub venues I tend to play at, to find enough 
space for my couple of large 2x12 (Selmar Bassman, but with VOX speaker cloth) 
cabinets.... I needed to use two of these fairly substantial cabs, because 
(dating from the early 1960's) the cabs can only handle 50 watts each!
I do like the Fender Bassman 100 amp... It is reliable and powerful.
Kind regards
John Walden

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