Re: dedication and sacrifice

the Leones wrote:
> > How many of us are willing to make those sacrifices and 
> > show that much dedication?
>    So you question IS, "How many of us are willing?" Well, 
> the way I see it, not too many people are in a position to 
> do this once they get older. 

So, then, I guess the question is *what* are you willing to 
sacrifice, or *how much* are you willing to sacrifice.  If my time 
was as cheap now as it was when I was 14 and learning to play the 
harp, or even 10 years ago before I was married and had children, I'd 
have no problem "sacrificing" it to advance my playing.  As it is, 
every minute I get to play is stolen from my family.  It makes them 
more rare, but also more precious.

- -tim

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