RE: dedication and sacrifice

> > Chris Michalek says:

> > Dedication or obsessive compulsion?  I remember reading fairly
> > that "elite" performers or whether it be sports, music academics
> > almost always have at least a minor case of Obsessive Compulsive
> > Disorder.  I'm pretty sure that I do (I'm not saying that I'm
> > and I know a few other "elite" musicians that certainly do. What
> > dedication? I've always thought of it as a form of addiction. I
> > been addicted to the harp for over 15 years, I never think I
> > practice I simply do because I HAVE to.  I feel sick, bad or sorry
> > I do not.  It's a need or addiction that I am happy to say is
> > than drugs or the drink.

Addiction/Compulsion is an interesting simile...something you can't
feel good without.
Chris, your contribution reminds me of that Huey Lewis song "I want a
new drug"....  ;-)

> Roger Gonzales says:
> Dedication and sacrifice are fueled by passion.

And Passion itself is an addictive, powerful emotion, eh?

> Roger:
> If music and playing
> the harmonica, or any musical instrument for that matter, is what
> impassions you, you WILL make the sacrifices.
> However, it will not seem so difficult...not really.
> Sacrifice is the surrender or the elimination of something valued
> the sake of having a higher or more pressing claim.  When someone
> feels driven to accomplish something that has become valuable in
> life, and in what they see in their future as what they deem
> the job will get done, no matter what the price.

Funny you should mention that, Roger - I was recently talking with a
close friend who has decided to give up a habit he really enjoys,
because it's become a DISTRACTION to what's important in his life.
(Doesn't matter what the habit was - coulda been Monday Night
Football, procrastination, etc.)
In talking with my friend, I realised that this habit of his was
formerly pretty important - it had become an ingrained part of his
life. But he decided that his other pursuits (He's EVERY BIT as
serious about music as YOU are, Roger) were more important. His
commitment to HIMSELF has become his overriding drive. (Wish I could
catch fire like that!) Any way, he told me in the most matter-of-fact
way that he'd decided to make this MAJOR change in his life - to give
up this (habit? compulsion? addiction?) that had a place in his
(former) life, in order to pursue other things that (priority shifts)
were now more important.

I think that's what you meant about sacrifice - right?
- -Scorcher

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