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A person who is independently self-sufficient, may have the time to 
do it as long as they have the funds to cover the years and years of 
"Dedication". Dedication is nice, mind you, but all the dedication in 
the world won't help a poor person, who needs to feed themselves 
first. :)
My friend Arthur "Guitar" Kelley (Nov. 14, 1918 - Sept. 17, 2001 - RIP) told 
me his first contact with a guitar was when a young man (Arthur Gerald, who 
later became his brother-in-law) who was dating his sister, bought a new guitar 
and gave Kelley his old 12 string guitar.  From that moment on, he practiced 
on the guitar any time he wasn't in the fields working.  He recalled lying flat 
on his back in his bed every night with the guitar across his chest learning 
to pick out a song.  Regarding the Stella guitar, he said he "wore it out" 
learning to play.  Kelley went on to record on Excello, Arhoolie, J.D. Miller's 
Blue Horizon, he is in the Louisiana Blues Hall of Fame and went to Washington, 
D.C. representing Louisiana blues for the National Council for the 
Traditional Arts.

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