Re: Jet 12 vintage vs reissue

I own a 1997 Jet2 reissue which I bought for $150.00. It was in fine
condition except that it smelled like the whiskey-dipped cigars the previous
owner inhaled constantly (actually, I kind of like it). I bought it for use
at practice and as a general "beat-it-up-and-not-care" amp. I swapped out
the (2) 12AX7s for a couple of 12AU7s and it has a nice fat tone that I can
get up to 8 on the volume knob before getting feedback from a Shure 544. My
vintage 520 Shure green bullet with a CM element gets up to about 7. The amp
breaks up nicely around those levels and has impressive overdrive. It's also
pretty loud for 20 watts. Other than the 12AU7 swap the amp is all stock
(even the speaker, which I'm sure isn't the best that could be put into the
amp but for my use is more than adequate). I've been really happy with it.
It takes a beating.

My opinion on VINTAGE Ampegs is that they are a sleeper brand in the vintage
amp market. Fenders are maxed-out and getting what I think are ridiculous
prices on the market. I think Ampegs (especially the early Reverborockets)
are a good investment and will appreciate in time more aggressively than a
lot of other brands. If you are looking at vintage amps that are good for
harp, reasonably priced on the market, and a relatively good gamble for
future appreciation I would suggest the vintage 60's Reverborockets and Jets
for harp. I also think that Gibsons are incredible amps that also fall into
the category mentioned above (I have a little white tolex late 50's Skylark
that I would take over a similar Fender champ any day). The usual amps like
Silvertone, Premier, etc. are also good but guitar players are waking up to
Ampegs and Gibsons and that will probably drive their value up quicker (some
of the bidding wars on Ebay for Gibsons are already getting real ugly).
Oh yeah, I think vintage Magnatones are related to Ampegs so you might want
to check them out as well. They are also (usually) great deals.

A note on Ampeg's reverb: Although my jet12 reissue does not have reverb I
have played both vintage and reissue Ampegs with reverb and they have a
unique sound. Personally I love it and used it lightly for just a touch. I
would recommend you listen to it before buying it though to see if you like
the particular Ampeg reverb sound.
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>> Subject: Jet 12 vintage vs reissue
>> Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 14:04:51 -0600
>> Hey guys,
>> I've recently begun looking for an Ampeg Jet 12.  I'm not sure if I want to
>> go ahead and buy a reissue...or hold out and hope to find a vintage amp.
>> I was hoping someone on this list has some insight as to the differences
>> between the two.
>> Are the features the same?
>> I know the tube layout is different, but that's about it.
>> I realize that there is more maintenance involved with a vintage amp than
>> with a newer model but if the original J12 sounds a lot better than the
>> reissue...then some thing are worth the wait!
>> thanks!
>> Rob
>> (first post EVER out of the way)
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