RE: Ampeg amps

Hi Rob,
For what it's worth, the new amps are significantly different in design 
  (but not appearance) from the old ones, the reverb is noticeably 
different (old ampeg reverb is one of the better circuits, I think).  
The new ones do get really good reviews from some of the jazz guitar 
guys, and you might want to see what people say about the amp on 
harmony central although guitarists usually are looking for different 
things than us harp guys. Good news is easy to get tubes  on the new 
ones although now the formerly rare 7591 used on many original ampegs 
is now readily available.  Truth is old ones aren't usually too 
expensive, I just sold an original 63 reverborocket for $450 and it 
sounded great.   The early nonreverb jet amps are real killer harp amps 
too.  Another cool ampeg, but kind of a beast to lug around is the 
Gemini with a single 15, I have one of those that is probably for sale, 
if interested, but it is pretty large compared to some amps.
Anyway, best move is to try it for yourself (and also check the market 
as I've seen these sell for quite a bit less). 

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