RE: Jet 12 vintage vs reissue

Personally, I think the reissue is a nice sounding amp, but IMO it IS better 
to hang out and get a vintage one.  Watch the tube setups though, there are 
different varieties, some of them are less harp-friendly than others.  You 
want the one with 12ax7's, with 6sn7's being a great second choice (some 
will disagree here--6sn7's are well-loved by some harpcats).  The power tube 
choices are 7591 or 6v6, BOTH of which are great.  If you get the 7591 
version--these are EXCELLENT tubes for harp BUT very hard to find and 
expensive if you insist on NOS.  There is a current production Electro 
harmonix tube that I think sells for about $30 a pair which is supposed to 
be pretty good.  I'm sure you're familiar with 6v6's...they're much more 
common and may be what you want, depending.


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>Subject: Jet 12 vintage vs reissue
>Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 14:04:51 -0600
>Hey guys,
>I've recently begun looking for an Ampeg Jet 12.  I'm not sure if I want to
>go ahead and buy a reissue...or hold out and hope to find a vintage amp.
>I was hoping someone on this list has some insight as to the differences
>between the two.
>Are the features the same?
>I know the tube layout is different, but that's about it.
>I realize that there is more maintenance involved with a vintage amp than
>with a newer model but if the original J12 sounds a lot better than the
>reissue...then some thing are worth the wait!
>(first post EVER out of the way)
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