Re: Help with ID: Butter' at Woodstock?

It appeared on Woodstock 2.  "Love March" was included on the first 
Woodstock album.

Hope this helps,

Jp Pagan wrote:

>  in honor of Paul Butterfield's would-be 61st
>birthday, i'm putting together a mix of my favorite
>Butter tunes. 
>  one i have on my computer is an almost 9-minute live
>version of "Everything's Gonna be Alright" which is
>sub-labeled "Woodstock." i'm sure it came from some
>website or other, as it isn't on any of my albums. are
>there recordings of Butter and his band playing at
>Woodstock?? and if there are, where can i get them!!??
>   thanks,
>         --Jp 
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