Re: Need help w/ a Harp Mic...

"Scorcher" wrote:
> I recently acquired a DN-50 mic.
> I'm looking for a clean way to leave this old connector 
> on the mic & adapt it for a guitar-style cord (1/4 plug). 
> Am I dreaming?

I have an Astatic 10-D that has a similar configuration.  I removed 
the plug from inside the swivel adapter and replaced it with a 
standard XLR plug so I could use the same cable as my JT-30 or an XLR-
to-1/4 adapter.  I would also bet the Tom Ellis could help you find a 
connector or cord for this mic.  I would get the connector and wire 
it to a short pigtail cable with an inline 1/4" female adapter.

- -tim

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