Re: (blues-l)Muddy Waters question

I hope I don't step on any toes here and lord I might be out of line for 
the lack of harp content. If I am admin, contact me off-list.

I can direct you to the proper location online to find this "blues" info 
out and others. If you ask this same question on the email list 
"Blues-L" or the message board "The 
Blues Forum" at you will get a better 
answer as them lists are for blues posts and have hundreds of members! I 
been a member of Blues-L for several years and it's been rewarding. I 
started "The Blues Forum" and it too has grown large. Nothings wrong 
with Harp-L, but after all I LOVE the blues as much as harmonica. Hope 
to see yall there!

Vince Cheney
Online Harmonica Auction

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