Richard Hunter free music download for Dec. 2003

Hi all,

I've made my latest free MP3, a fast, heavy harmonica power-trio blues
inspired by Jimi Hendrix's music, available for download to my
subscribers.  Instructions on how to subscribe -- did I mention that
it's free? -- are available at

I've been listening lately to lots of Jimi (and a boatload of other
jammin' guitar players), and I wanted first and foremost to do something
this month that was about playing, not arranging. I wanted also to get
the kind of power you normally hear from a guitarist with a big Marshall

I played the harmonica parts on a Labtec AM-22 computer mic running into
a Crate VC508.  The VC508 has a Weber VST speaker and a 12AT7 preamp
tube subbed for the normal 12AX7.  The harmonica is a Lee Oskar Natural
Minor played in 2nd position, I think in the key of F# minor.  (I don't
really remember . . . )

And that's all the tech stuff for now.  Enjoy.

Thanks and regards, Richard Hunter
Turtle Hill Productions

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