Re: Ampeg SJ-12 as a harp amp

I have a 1967 Ampeg J12R (Reverbojet in the Golden Glo series -- copper colors).  I use the accordian input! I don't know how that compares to the amp you are looking at.  (Mine has two 7591 power tubes -- original -- they are not pushed hard.  Mine is (was) very clean (it's been "modified").  I've read that the owner of Ampeg didn't really like rock 'n' roll (overdrive).  You might bring a lower powered preamp tube with you when you try it out.  If it's too clean for you, it might sound great with a Harp Commander or something like a bluetube (real tube) preamp.  If you think I might be helpful (even though it is a different amp), feel free to contact me off list.  Enjoy trying it out.  (I don't have your post right in front of me, if you said $450, that seems high.)  Hopefully you'll hear from folks who use that specific amp.  --john k.

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