re:tense or relaxed

>Just to be clear-what I am sugesting is that using the wrong technique-the
>incorrect technique, it is easier for me to play quiet, easier to get a smooth
>vibrato, and easier for me to get a good tone.I know that sounds nuts. I
>switched because I had been playing relaxed for years. I like the 
>uptight sound
>better. I'm planning a series of books on the uptight type A heart attack
>method of harp playing.
>Thanks to all the polite comments. I do understand that this sounds nuts.
>Rainbow Jimmy

   It doesn't sound nuts to me. You're Rainbow Jimmy and are allowed 
to do anything you want. As I always say "I may not agree with 
what(how) you play, but I will defend to my death your right to play 
it"........smo-joe Voltaire

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