Re: breathing through the diaphragm

> Rainbow Jimmy says:

> Check out this link
> That's what you're supposed to do. I found playing very quietly and
keeping my
> face and my stomach tight, I get a better tone.

Jimmy, the article you referenced says:
Relax on the inhale, feel expansion in your belly and/or sides and
lower back.
Keep your rib cage lifted when you exhale, forcing your lower abdomen
and diaphragm to release the air slowly.
Watch particularly for tension in your throat or shoulders on both the
inhale and exhale.
Sing sloppily...Sloppy singing relaxes your throat, mouth and tongue,
and singing should feel easier. You may also feel more resonance
(vibration) in your face, which will make your tone richer.
 Remember that everything except your rib cage, which remains lifted
and firm, should feel relaxed.
This doesn't sound at all like what you describe, and it's not what I
do to achieve good (well, decent) tone. May I humbly suggest you
continue to work on it until you can find the same tone (or better) by
RELAXING those areas? I bet you'll be happier with your sound, and
your STAMINA in a performance....
- -Scorcher

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