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Hi Jimmy,

<stomach muscles rigid sucked in for inhale puffed out for exhale>

Have you got this the right way around? Usually breathing from your
diaphrame, not your lungs,=A0 gives the oposite effect......breath in -
stomach out, breath out - stomach in. Your chest hardly moves at all.
If you're not breathing from your diaphram, then try it. It feels unusual at
first and takes some regular practice and awareness...... but you'll be
amazed with the resulting richness in tone.
I also find that my stomach has to be relaxed (not rigid) for this to work.
In fact my posture is relaxed and i mentally focus on breathing=A0 from deep
within my stomach..

Pete Knapton

     "Rigid stomach muscles," etc.--it sounds like attempted sarcasm that=20
wasn't quite funny enough to work.  It certainly wasn't offered as a breakth=
technique in breath control and tone production!

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