Wanna play harmonica like Nasty Ned?

I got a real laugh out of this. It's not too different from how I learned to 
play harp.

Ned is a great harp player and singer whose band -- Nasty Ned and The New 
Conqueroos -- is very popular in NJ. Check him out at nastyned.com

Wanna play harmonica like Nasty Ned? Here's what you do:

Buy a harmonica at the Mall @ nastyned.com and start playing when you are 14 
years old. Keep it in your face 24/7 despite cries from friends, family and 
neighbors who want you to put it where the sun don't shine... Do not listen 
to them... continue to play day and night while listening to - and trying to 
emulate - your blues harp heroes - Paul Butterfield, Little Walter, Big 
Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson, James Cotton, Jimmy Hall and Rob Papparozi. 
Then get a band and play in front of people throwing drinks and ashtrays at 
you - but still don't stop! Drink the drinks - take the ashtrays home and 
keep playing until you are old... then... you'll play harmonica just like 
Nasty Ned.

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