RE: Country and Western harmonica- Mike Caldwell

Michael , I talked to Mike a few years back and he was wanting to come to
Dallas to do some workshops for our Hoot club. He's from the Dallas area and
still has close friends here. He was playing with Box Car Willie at the time
but has moved to working with Loretta last I heard.He would be a great
seminar giver at spah and performer. He sent me two recordings that were
very good for that McCoy , Nashville sound. I think I'll try to contact him
again and try again to bring him to Dallas.

Jerl Welch

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>From: "Bob Maglinte" <bbqbob917@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>I'd also add this one man who played harp with Loretta Lynn for awhile
>Mike Caldwell, and Charlie McCoy's comments on him being probably the
>fastest harp player on the planet who needs a radar gun on his butt is an
>understatement. I'd say he's the fastest I ever heard too, plus his
>articulation is nice and clean, and always feels new from the get go.

I was very impressed with Mike Caldwell's playing (what little I heard on
Hohner's website.) Does anyone know him or know of recordings with his

Michael Peloquin

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