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>I want to get more into C&W harp. I've got CDs by Charlie McCoy, lots
>of Willie Nelson, and have just ordered a Clint Black CD. Can any one
>recommend essential C&W harp recordings that I may be missing?
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Great recommendations Winslow- Jelly, TJ,  PT
let me add:

Check out Mike Turk- Country & Blues Harp on Papa John Kolstad's Beans Taste 
Fine. Do a search on the web. I just bought it and I'm blown away by Mike's 
playing from 1975, complete with pretty competent use of some OB's. He is of 
course the same Mike Turk who is chromatic harp bebop monster now.

Turk sounds similar to Norton Buffalo, who along with Charlie McCoy are the 
gold standard for Country Harp pickin' IMNSHO.

Get Norton's Capitol albums on a 2-CD set and get ready to woodshed.

PT Gazell is very fine. I am anxiously waiting for my reissue CD of his 70's 

Jimmie Fadden of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Mike Stevens

Don Brooks

Michael Peloquin (who has played quite a bit of country hisself)

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