re: Fender Twin/Pro Reverb

> Hi,
> So, what did you play through, a Twin or a Pro?  I
would have 
> answered your question had I seen it in time.  I
sometimes play 
> through an 85 watt Twin Reverb with a GB.  How did
you like your 
> setup?  What mic did you end up using?
> JJ

hey JJ,

   well, it turns out that at the last minute we
switched the space we were using (for a rehearsal) and
ended up with totally different amps. i ended up with
a DeVille, which was unfortunately horrible. the space
was small, and i was either too quiet or feeding back
all the time. i had a Harp Commander with me which
could have solved the problem (i think) but i had
nowhere to plug it in! all the plugs were taken.
anyway... next time i'll play around with one of the
other amps. 
   i did notice one interesting thing though, the
DeVille had an input marked "Power Tube" or something
like that. i think it's the return for an effect loop?
i thought plugging my HC into that would have been
awesome (thereby bypassing the pre-amp section of the
Deville, and using the HC as the pre-amp) but like i
said, i couldn't do it that time. 
   i played with a GB, by the way, which isn't that
hot compared to other mics i've used. i would've
rather had a smaller amp, like my old silvertone, for
small space like that.


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