RE: "Paddy Richter" tuning

By Golly, I'm gonna have to try that.  What would result from combining the 
two leftover plates?


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>Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 21:59:32 -0400
>Richard Hunter wrote:
>>Scorcher is correct, but he should have added that the Lee Oskar Melody
>>Makers are named for the key in 2nd position, not 1st position as per
>>standard tunings.  So, for example, one would use the blow reedplate
>>from a G Melody Maker with the draw reedplate from a standard C harp to
>>make a Paddy Richter C harp
>(and lots of other useful stuff for those of us who prefer the #1 Philips 
>Now I can put that box of extra reedplates to work. Thanks.
>Also remember that the octaves "fold" differently with the Melody Makers.
>So, you need to use a low F Richter plate with a C Melody Maker plate.
>This is the only pairing (out of the five Melody Maker keys available) that 
>requires a low Richter
>I have enjoyed the Paddy tuning. I find that for "melodic" instead of 
>"riff" playing, the Paddy tuning blurs the distinction between first and 
>second position. The two positions seem more interchangeable than with a 
>Richter-tuned harp.
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