Re: Pignose 60 watt tube amp, green bullet

What M.N. said is true, for sure.  My opinion...if by "Russian-made" they 
mean Electro-Harmonix, then yes the 12ax7 does have an edgy sound BUT for 
most harp applications in a guitar amp, you'll want to use 12ay7 or 12au7 
preamp tubes for lower gain....Unless you like the high-pitched electronic 
screaming sounds.


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>Subject: Re: Pignose 60 watt tube amp, green bullet
>Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 12:06:58 +0000
>Bob wrote:
>"Someone at Guitar Center told me that I should try the Russian-made 
>12AX7's for a sound with more 'edge'."
>One of the guiding principles in my life has long been: Don't listen to 
>anything someone at Guitar Center (or any other big music store) says about 
>harmonica. As a rule, they have ZERO knowledge about things harp. Better to 
>ask your questions here on the 'L, where you're among friends. ;-)
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