Admin, mystery ghost posts

Clearly the problem is on our end.  I've written Mike Roesch the owner of
our host and as of right now no reply.  Do not write the Listowner's
mailbox.  It's inaccessible.  Like Vince noticed majordomo is sending mail
to addresses that were subscribed months ago.  This means many bounces. 
Since the owner's box is linked to the regular list one bad address can
generate 75 plus bounces in a day.  You can see that if there were just 10
bad addresses that it would be a problem.  Currently the owner's mailbox
is unopenable because it has over 3,000 messages in the inbox queue, this
exceeds the memory allocation.  As long as I keep on top of deleting the
digest bounces in this admin box it will remain accessible.  We're only
talking several hundred messages in a day instead of thousands.  Your best
bet for reaching harp-l with a problem is currently
harp-l-workers@xxxxxxxxxxx  I see workers mail and it won't be in such a
tremendous queue so I'll be more likely to notice something.  Sorry for
the trouble, I'm working on it.

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