Bushman Delta Frost Harmonicas

I have been using Delta Frost harps since John Hall first offered them
this year. Overall, I like them a lot, and they have become perhaps my
preferred harmonica. I have a nickel allergy, so I tired them because
they have stainless steel cover plates like Lee Oskars. The reed
response is consistently good right out of the box (unlike the Soul's
Voice), very much like the Special 20. They seem to be about as durable
as a Special 20. They are priced right, and they have a decent look and
feel to them. The sound, I feel, is somewhat unique, unlike any other
stock diatonic I've played. I did see on Harp Depot that replacement
reeds may soon be available. For all these reasons, I will usually reach
in my case for the Delta Frost first.

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