RE: Handling diatonics on stage, etc.

I do one of two things depending on the space

1. Got a folding camp stool from Target and set my
harp case up on it. Easier to carry around than a
regular stool. 

2. From Musician's Friend I got a tray they sell in
the drum section, I think they call it a gig tray.
Will easily clamp anywhere along a mic stand and holds
all my diatonics and the chro.  (Drummers use it to
hold their assorted hand percusion instruments.)

BTW the case I got from Lowes for $29 bucks after
reading about it on this list. It's an aluminum tool
case with pre-scored foam and adjustable dividers so
you can customize the whole deal. I fit 10 diatonics,
a chro, an Astatic mic, a GB mic, three Shure
SM57/58's, my Harp Commander, adapters and cables for
the mics. I've seen comparable cases going for close
to $100.

Bill H

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