Re: Musselwhite concert review - LONG

> thurg said:
> Saw Charlie Musselwhite in Edmonton on Saturday night,
> Dec.6 (thanks again, Giglist!).
> Charlie's finger-picking is "busy" but tasteful and controlled,
> in style somewhere between the Delta and Chicago.
> For most of these numbers, Musselwhite played harmonica
> in the rack, second position.
> I was glad when he put his guitar aside
> and called out an accompanist (named Fletcher) with
> an electric.
>  His dynamics, by the
> way, seemed to come entirely from playing technique
> rather than from external "volume control".
> In most numbers, Musselwhite changed harps at least
> once, often two or three times, and he was clearly as
> comfortable - i.e., as bluesy - in one position as
> another.
>  I told him that I had driven five hours
> through blizzards and freezing rain to get to his
> show, and it was well worth it.  He said he hoped
> I'd have better weather on the drive back.
> As even my seventeen-year-old son had to concede,
> "That guy was pretty good."

James, I apologize for the merciless snippage - thanks for the
in-depth & insightful review.
Charlie is a living legend - one of the last "Giants" still with us,
and IMHO terribly underrated.
One of the greatest things about Charlie Musselwhite is the way he
treats his FANS: with patience, courtesy, humility, and respect. Folks
just don't live that way anymore.

If any of y'all ever get a chance to see him (& meet him), don't pass
it up.
- -Scorcher

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