Re: Musselwhite concert review - LONG

Thanks for the great review, James!

I picked up Charlie's solo CD this summer when he
came through Denver. In that show, however, he had
a full band backing him and used his chromatic
quite a lot as a backing instrument. It was an
awesome show.

About playing harp through a rack. I have the
deepest respect for anywone who can do that well. I
took up guitar about a year ago and have tried to
play harp in a rack to accompany myself. I'm amazed
at how bad my harp sounds when I try to do, it's
like learning harp all over again. Really ~really~
difficult to do well, IMO. 

Harpin' in Colorado,
- --Ken

- --- James Thurgood <thurgood@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Saw Charlie Musselwhite in Edmonton on Saturday
> night

"When you speak of Walter Horton, the first thing you think of is his tone, that big, fat tone."
- ---Li'l Ronnie Owens

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