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>Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 01:33:27 +1300
>Thanks Steve,
>To clarify a couple of equal tuning dead on A440?
>And what chromatic tuner will register the higher octave of say a C harp? I
>have an older Boss TU-12 chromatic tuner, but it dosen't like the higher
>Also, the Hohner 280 (4 octave chromatic)....what is the factory tuning of
>these animals; compromised, equal or a combination tuning? Do people alter
>the chromatic tuning for different playing styles?
>Pete Knapton

Hi Pete

There are far greater experts than me on these things...

I think the "norm" if there is such a thing is to set the tuner to something 
like A=441 to 443 for harmonicas.  Equal temperament isn't to do with this 
starting point, but is based purely on the relationships among the notes.  
You can start from any "A=..." you like, in theory!

I think most bog-standard tuners will give you equal temperament as default 
(I stand to be corrected). I just have a relatively up-to-date cheapie Seiko 
ST757 and it works on all my harps as far as I know.  Experts.....?

3rd question: one for the chromatic people!


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