Re: need help with intonation

Thanks Steve,

To clarify a couple of equal tuning dead on A440?
And what chromatic tuner will register the higher octave of say a C harp? I
have an older Boss TU-12 chromatic tuner, but it dosen't like the higher
Also, the Hohner 280 (4 octave chromatic)....what is the factory tuning of
these animals; compromised, equal or a combination tuning? Do people alter
the chromatic tuning for different playing styles?

Pete Knapton

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> >My diatonic harps are an eclectic array of anything that'll blow through
> >gig, Hohner MB, BH, Sp20, Meisterklasse, Lee Oskar and some Chinese harps
> >called Jambone.
> >Intonation is important with the current line-up.... working with sax,
> >guitar and keys. Lots of single note riffs and horn lines.
> >I really need to get my act together with some uniformity of harps.
> >I like the 'roundness' of tone a plastic comb can produce, such as the
> >Special 20.
> >Lee Oskars' i find to be a very durable workhorse, but a tad shrill in
> >tone,
> >for my liking.
> >What recommendations do people have for 'equal tuned' harps with a
> >tone like the Special 20?
> >I understand there's lots of brands in the market place, so any help will
> >be
> >appreciated.
> >Thank you
> >Pete Knapton
> Hi Pete
> You could try Golden Melodies or one of several varieties of Suzuki
> harps...but if I were in your shoes, as an aficionado of Special 20s, I'd
> invest in a chromatic tuner and a Lee Oskar repair kit and fine-tune the
> Sp20s to equal temperament. It's a lot easier than it sounds and can be
> in less than a half-hour once you've done a few.  No advice is good advice
> but there it is anyway!
> Steve Shaw
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