Re: adjusting the notes of a song

on 12/10/03 6:46 AM, Stephen Shaw at moorcot@xxxxxxx wrote:

> 've been trying to work out why don't you want to use the 7, 8 and 9 holes.
> When I read your post I tried Danny Boy as I usually play it - on a G
> harp, straight harp=1st position, and I think your problem could be that the
> range of notes in the tune is too wide for the standard-tuned 10-hole harp

Hi Steve, thanks for the reply. I guess that I don't want to play it high on
any harp because it just doesn't sound good to me? I have the sound of the
song in my head and it's more of a Johnny Cash or an Elvis sound than the
higher pitched. Not to say that I haven't played it high or wouldn't play it
high, I just kind of wanted to play it lower down ;)
And also, it was something to do...when I found the transcription page in
Gindicks book for straight to cross, I thought it would be fun to sit and
play with it. Figuring that at least having to play like that would do more
to educate my ear to the sounds of each note than just playing it straight.
When I couldn't make it sound right my first thought was that I was missing
something completely simple, so I figuered I'd ask all of you!
BTW, enjoy the Irish site, thanks.
- --T.

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