Re: need help with intonation

My diatonic harps are an eclectic array of anything that'll blow through a
gig, Hohner MB, BH, Sp20, Meisterklasse, Lee Oskar and some Chinese harps
called Jambone.
Intonation is important with the current line-up.... working with sax,
guitar and keys. Lots of single note riffs and horn lines.
I really need to get my act together with some uniformity of harps.
I like the 'roundness' of tone a plastic comb can produce, such as the
Special 20.
Lee Oskars' i find to be a very durable workhorse, but a tad shrill in tone,
for my liking.
What recommendations do people have for 'equal tuned' harps with a rounded
tone like the Special 20?
I understand there's lots of brands in the market place, so any help will be
Thank you
Pete Knapton

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> Rainbow Jimmy:
> "I was doubling a guitar line last night(in E) and realized when I slid up
> to the 5 draw I was bending it just a tiny bit, but enough so it jarred
> the guitar note. Then I realized that what I thought was poor tone, a
> treble and thin, was actually out of tune notes. This is discouraging
> considering I've been playing for 30 years and just noticed this."
> ==========================
> What kind of harp were you blowing? I'd be willing to bet you're blowing
> Just or Compromise tuned harps like Marine Bands, Special 20s, Big Rivers,
> or Hering Vintage 1923s. On these "not equal tuned" harps, some notes are
> the tiniest bit flat to make the chords sweeter. The price you pay for
> however, is that sometimes when playing single notes, and especially when
> trying to match lines with another instrument, certain notes sound sour.
> comparison, try a Golden Melody, which is equal tuned. Also, I'm 99.9%
> certain Lee Oskar harps are equal tuned.
> MN
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