Harp-friendly jam in Clifton NJ Weds 12/10

My band (Jimbeau & The Retrocasters) is hosting a blues jam Weds. 12/10 at 
Krewe Bar in Clifton. This club used to be called Drumsticks.

Address: 240 Dayton Ave, Clifton NJ, 973-340-4600

Krewe Bar is in the Botany Village section of Clifton and is easy to reach 
from Rt. 21, Rt 46, and Rt 80. For directions, see my web site: 

For harp players, I will have my 1965 Premier Twin 8R which I mic through 
the PA. You will be heard.

Last time we hosted this jam, we had some great players drop in.

If you're in the area, stop by. It'd be great to see fellow harp-lers!


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