Fender Twin/ pro reverb

Hi JP,
this is a crasy question but i will try ok.
big bass as you can give ( 7  8  or 9 ) the middle and high not to mutch ( 3 
4 5  )
just a bit reverb is greate but realy just a bit) if you can switch to class 
a will be the better way for the Voulumesetting ( normaly a Harpamp you have 
to play at ( 8 or 9 ) so the powertubes start to drive. If you have a 
guitarreeffect like a Zoom and you can not switch to class a , do just the voulume of 
the effect at low level. So you can run the Amp at 8 or9 For the Voulume. A 
little delay also is greate but the reverb in low settings will do the effect to.
The time of dely very small) also for the reverb. Not to mutch. Think about 
to press the Grill when playing dirty. As closer you play the mic as bigger the 
Ok hopes it helps

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