When the harp is too loud !

Nothing like a recording to reveal your mistakes. 

Tried using the Harp Commander to split the signal
between my amp and the PA at my latest gig. 
We got feedback after the first set that the harp
still needed to come up and the guitars had to come
down. Well the guitars did come down (!) and I turned
up the signal from the Harp Commander. Turns out the
one guitar player working the PA also turned up the
harp channel on the PA. 

So the harp got a double kick out of the PA, was
louder at the amp as well, and the guitars dialed down
some. Then there was classic miscommunication - the
guy who turned up the PA didn't have a chance to check
the mains, and the other guitar player by the mains
said something to the bass player, but it never got
back to me. As the usual course of events is the harp
is never too loud it never occurred to me that had

I ended up being too hot over the vocals - a cardinal
sin in my book. And all of it on tape that night. I
feel like a total jerk but lesson learned. Having
never had the experience of being too loud it's kind
of strange to be in the position of having too much

I still really like my Harp Commander - but I'll be a
lot more careful next time. 

Bill H

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