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Hi all:

One of the best local area blues bands: Cal Batchelor and his crew,
solve the problem by _not_ ever mic'ing drums. They use a very small
PA, and no monitors and get a great, very even and balanced sound. Cal
told me that he likes the sound of acoustic drums so that's the route
they go.

I've played with them a number of times, have no trouble hearing
myself and--from gfloor comments--never have a problem about being
drowned out in the mix. It feels like there is very little difference
between the stage sound and the room sound.

Interestingly, they regularly play rooms that normally book much
louder bands; they have solid following and never get "too loud"
complaints. Very interestingly, they never get "too quiet" complaints

The levels of all instruments--including bass--are geared to the
levels that make for a good sound with the acoustic drums, and the
band totally ROCKS the venues they play.

I love loud music, and Cal's band is plently loud to suit me. What
really floors me, again, is the balance they achieve. Pretty much
anywhere in any room I've seen them play, they get a good balanced
sound: everyone is audible, everyone is loud and no-one is drowned
out. The dynamic feel of the band is excellent. Soft passages are
soft, punchy stuff punches there's a very natural ebb and flow the
whole night.

It works. Try it.


Monday, December 08, 2003, 6:07:51 PM, you wrote:

Cac> Hey all,

Cac>            The hardest thing to do is to convince rock bass and rock drummers 
Cac> that they are now in a blues band, and in order to get "that" sound they HAVE 
Cac> to turn down. As well as adjusting to a number of other issues. But volumne 
Cac> is right up there.

Cac>                                                 Stay loose,
Cac>                                                         chrisM

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