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> You may be right. I am going from a Vibrolux I used to have where the very
> thin wires in the reverb tank were always breaking. It might have been
> loading & moving abuse though.
> At least when you set a top control amp like Blues Deluxe etc. sideways,
> can put harps on top and still have access to the knobs!
> Michael Peloquin
> >From: "Scooter" <10hole@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >Actually Michael, it wont hurt them at all. The transducers have a
> >pressure on
> >them regardless of how they're mounted and the springs are just sprung
> >between them.
> >A lot of manufacturers actually mount the spring tank on the side wall of
> >the amp. Older
> >Gibson's and others did too when the chassis was mounted in the bottom
> >the control
> >panel up top.
> >
> >Scooter

On the other hand, tho, when you're dealing with Bassman RI's, or the Blues
DeVille, ideally it shouldn't, but you also have to consider the fact that
unlike a real Bassman or Super Reverb, Fender cut a ton of corners to make
the price cheaper and the amps more profitable, and one area they skimped on
was in the cabinetry. Why? Real Bassmans and Super Reverbs are finger
jointed, and the reissues as well as the Blues DeVilles are NOT, so as far
as I'm concerned, those are gonna be a helluva lot more fragile that the
real deals.

Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA

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