Re: Amp Question

You may be right. I am going from a Vibrolux I used to have where the very 
thin wires in the reverb tank were always breaking. It might have been from 
loading & moving abuse though.

At least when you set a top control amp like Blues Deluxe etc. sideways, you 
can put harps on top and still have access to the knobs!

Michael Peloquin

>From: "Scooter" <10hole@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Actually Michael, it wont hurt them at all. The transducers have a constant
>pressure on
>them regardless of how they're mounted and the springs are just sprung
>between them.
>A lot of manufacturers actually mount the spring tank on the side wall of
>the amp. Older
>Gibson's and others did too when the chassis was mounted in the bottom and
>the control
>panel up top.

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