Conventions and Leadership

Larry Eisenberg writes:

>"The Rift" improved greatly during SPAH 1994 - 2000. It was the main focus 
>Bob Williams' presidency. He was responsible for getting me involved with
>SPAH primarily to work on this very problem with him and great strides were 
>Unfortunately, the philosophy behind the planning and execution for the
>Convention changed after 2000.

>The Convention will always be a direct reflection of the attitudes of 
>whoever is in charge, whether >this be an individual or BOD.

I did not really know Bob Williams. I do however know Douglas Tate (SPAH 
President after Bob Williams.) Douglass is one of the only old school 
chromatic players (classical player to boot!) that has been a constant pal 
of both 10 hole & button camps. Many a late night hang has been supported by 
Mr. President.
Plus he's a Brit, they speak our language ya know!

So maybe it is the BOD?

Michael Peloquin

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